Choosing well being!


Do you ever stop and wonder why? 

  • ·         Why are so many people sick?
  • ·         Why does illness and disease cost so much?
  • ·         Why can’t your doctor help you?
  • ·         Why does your life cost so much?
  • ·         Why is your life so hard?

At Oasisliving, we have the answer.

It is because the city is a desert for your body.  Most people forget that.  They think that a desert or a high mountain or deep underwater is a hostile environment.  But we all forget that Cities and towns are also hostile environments.  This is even true for most homes.

A city is a desert for your body.  You did not evolve to live in them.  They cause stress, disease and illness.

At Oasisliving we know and research that.  And teach you how to live happily and healthily in the hostile environment that is your town or house.  We do not expect you to go out and live in the bush.  We teach you to understand your needs and to address those needs.

These needs, which you can see in the diagram below, can be complex and difficult to understand.  Our job is to make it simple and easy to understand and do.

What we do is teach you to address the cause and to not get sidetracked by the symptom!

Graduates of our programs manage their lives for health and purpose.

They understand how all of these needs interact  and how to meet them with the least effort and best value.

They know the;

  • ·         Why
  • ·         What
  • ·         How

Of their lives.

We invite you to join us in a place of power and quality of life