Oct 142010

How do I change my mind?

Well, Tom. As crazy as it sounds it simply means to close your eyes and, on the canvas of your mind, draw the way you want the world to be. And then believe in it, to the exclusion of all other possibilities. Not in the accidental and half-hearted way we do when we make wrong. But do it clearly, consciously and in a controlled way.
That sounds difficult you say, but we do it all of the time. We should and ought to, all the time. We get upset while we are driving because someone cuts us off and we say that should not have happened. We are denying reality. We are saying that the way it is, is not the way it should be.

But the big place where we do this is in relationships, with ourselves and others. We make judgements about how we or they ought to be and then make ourselves or them wrong. We do this all the time. I should earn more money, I should get more exercise, I should weigh less, I should be a better husband/wife. She should clean the house better, he should fix the leaky tap, I should drive better/safer/faster/slower/more carefully, ETC, ETC. But we do this thinking in a way that has the situation be wrong. We make judgements and have it that it that this is the way it is but that it is wrong.
And here is the $20,000,000 Dollar question. What if we did it another way? What if we did it in a way that works? This is where science research is heading in some startling and confusing new directions.

Neurological and endocrine research is starting to show that managing a positive thought increases our health levels. Our immune and metabolism both increase. Physics research is showing that a controlled and concentrated thought has an affect at a microscopic level, and our cells and metabolism are microscopic. However that thought, needs to be created and managed in such a way as to not cause mental conflict or confusion. Those thoughts require support and attention, and need to be constructed in such a way that we can be grateful for the reality that they represent. Then we need to keep the thought and the gratitude for the reality that they represent in the forefront of our minds.
So let’s walk through the creation of one of these thoughts.

My height is 178CM and I weigh 84KG. Everyone tells me that for my height and build that I am overweight and need to exercise. I am middle aged and not that active. Now here is where we have some choices. Do I believe all the external voices that there is something wrong with me? I like to have a coffee in the morning, good or bad? I enjoy lying around reading, good or bad? We ask these and other questions to ourselves 20 times a minute. We see some external stimulus and question ourselves. A TV ad, a billboard, a bus stop poster, a magazine. STOP, Stop, STOP, stop, STOP.
What happened to the new thought? Right! What happened to changing our mind! See how easy it is to get sidetracked and distracted from the idea.
OK, number 2 attempt.
I close my eyes and create a new image of myself.
What weight am I? Well in my mind, here, I weigh 67KG.
How am I dressed? Well, in a pair of sports shorts, T-shirt and joggers.
Why? Because I am out with friends at a game of volleyball.
What am I doing? Well, it is half time and we are sitting around having a drink and laughing.
How do I feel? I feel great. We are all a bit sweaty and talking about saunas and how we would like to try one. It is a boy’s night out so we are just being silly and having fun.
How do I feel about me? Well, actually I feel great. I have lost a lot of weight and I get to socialize here and meet new friends, in fact a guy on one of the teams is trying to headhunt me for a new job. He thinks I could earn more with them and enjoy work more.
How has this affected my home life? The wife and I get along great, I feel better than I have for years and we are dancing a bit and the private life has gotten more active, we even share more work around the house and are getting some of those old jobs done. I even have enough energy to spend more time with the kids.
What about work? My boss seems happier with me because when I have problems at work I talk it over with the guys and I have implemented some really effective ways of dealing with issues, ideas from the other guys in the team.
What about food? Eating is different now, I tend to eat more what I enjoy, and that helps me feel good about myself. I found a nutritionist who has explained to me why some food does not work and now I just avoid that. But I still get to have really good fun eating.

See How I am constructing thoughts around feeling fit and healthy and that it has a positive impact on my life and family. I can close my eyes at any time and recreate this reality and feel grateful and happy about the changes I have made in my life. I can also own this. I created it and I enjoy volleyball. I would enjoy being a part of a master’s team who play on a regular basis. It would be nice to socialise away from work and the constraints of the family.
Now come the second important part.
I need to start behaving as if this reality is true. I need to find a volleyball court and join. I need to find a nutritionist to learn about a healthy eating pattern and what food works o does not work for me.
I need to behave as if I have already lost that weight. I need to be active around the house and start to watch television less and spend more time having fun with my wife.
I am going to behave as if I weigh 67KG. I am going to behave as if I am fit and active now. All of this is going to happen because of a thought that I create and manage in my own mind.
We can do this at anytime about anything. Relationships, work, weight, exercise, family. Create a new thought, change your mind and then live as if this is true.
You can do it!!!