Oct 072010

Going to do something new today and talk about another site.
I have, for some time now been subscribing to a newsletter by Loren Cordain who is a research professor studying nutrition at the Colorado State University.
I have now read 2 of his books and while there is a developing edge of sales pitch for the most part his research and papers appear to be great advice supported by appropriate research.
I would suggest to anyone that the buy or obtain a copy of his book,  The Paleo Diet and have a read.
The major viewpoint that Dr Cordain espouses is that for a better understanding of what healthy food choices are we need to look at the historical (Paleontological)evidence. This is where he gets the term Paleo Diet from.There is much to recommend about his writings and I wiould not hesitate to suggest that everyone should read his books.  While there is some information that I disagree with, the majority of his research and publications parrallel research that is being done around the world looking at what makes us ill and what supports our health.