May 192011

Social Mums club Bargara (4670)

Have you ever wondered where to go to chat with a health expert about all of your questions?  Each week we will have a seminar by a health professional.  They will be available from 2.00PM for 30 minutes.

Mira’s Cafe runs a young mums group every Thursday from 2PM until 5PM.  Cost is $5.00 which includes a coffee and access to the children’s play area.

We have a monthly cycle* which includes;

  1. Week 1 – Nutritionist or dietician
  2. Week 2 – Maternity nurse
  3. Week 3 – Child psychology and counselling
  4. Week 4 – Medical professional
  5. Week 5 – Open day for questions, (if the month has five Thursdays)

*(Subject to variation depending on availability of the professionals speaking.)

Contact Mira @ Mira’s Cafe on (07) 4159 1245

100 Hughes Road Bargara