Jun 222011

Some interesting new research in Arkansas in the USA has once again pointed to the link between breakfast and behaviour.

The research project is looking at frontal brain activity in children and looking at how that correlates to behaviour.  What they found was that in boys who did not have breakfast, there was a distinct decrease in activity.

For those not interested in the science, this means that they have a reduced ability to control their behaviour.  So the boys who are not eating a good breakfast are most likely the ones presenting as problem children.  Their ability to inhibit their impulses has been decreased….. the outcome, problem kids.

Strangely enough this was not found to be the case with girls.

Research Project: Dietary Influences on Psychological and Physiological Function in Children

So, what to have for breakfast?

I get asked this question all the time.  So here are some ideas;

  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Vegetable omelete
  • vegetable and mince rissoles (prepare once a week and freeze)
  • Savoury muffins (Bacon and egg, etc..)
  • Healthy hash browns. (premade and frozen.)
  • Protein shake

One of the things that I do not support is the idea of breakfast confectionery so no prepared cereals for breakfast.  There is only one breakfast cereal that I can think of and that is porridge made with oats or rice.   Porridge can have mashed fruit or savouries added as a balance to sweeteners, which I do not recommend, however some people do use treacle or molasses.

In Asia porridge or congee (as it is sometime called) is often served savoury.  Add stock, fried vege, meat, or eggs.  Wikipedia has an interesting article on Congee.