Jun 212011

I was asked a question regarding my “Well-being workshop” graphic yesterday.  It was regarding the distinction power versus force that I use in my work.

Areas of study in the 4 day workshop.

Essentially the real distinction between power and force is that Force sees difference as a win/lose situation.  When we are in this mindset all difference is seen as a basis for conflict.

Conversely, power is a mindset where  all difference can be resolved in a win/win situation.

When we live into our own power, we have no conflict because everything is a creation of our own win/win perspective. We are not competing with anyone.  We do not need their resources nor their approval or disapproval.  We enjoy the company when they parallel our path for a period of time and wish them well.

This is what I wish for everyone.  Access to their own power and purpose. To live deliberately and creatively.