Jul 202011

I talk with many people who diet and can never seem to lose weight or size. Some have seen doctors or fitness instructors.  Many have researched the internet or read books from the library. Most of these people become frustrated and confused about their weight or size.

However all seem surprised when I say that the answer may have nothing to do with how much they are eating or the supplements that they are taking.

Here is why;

As a public health nutritionist my, and others research, shows clearly that there are only 2 causes of any symptom.

  1. Lack of a nutrient or
  2. Nutrient is there but cannot be absorbed or used.

The cause of number 1 is fairly obvious and can be fixed simply by eating a more nutrient rich diet or taking supplements.  This is the place everyone goes when they are trying to manage their health or weight.  Everyone thinks that there must be something missing.

However number 2 will bring you down most of the time.

Most people do not think that there may be something in their food that stops a nutrient form working. But there are hundreds of these chemicals recognised by food and nutrition specialists.

In nutrition these are called anti-nutrients.  I just googled that and got over 82,000 hits.  So there is a lot out there about these anti-nutrients.

Wikipedia describes anti-nutrients as natural or synthetic substances that interfere with the absorption of nutrients.  This is a pretty good description.

Most of the natural versions of these chemicals are toxins that the plants produce to ward off predators.  However there are also plastic compounds like BPA and Pthalates.  We also make some at home when we char meat on the B-B-Q or overheat oil in a frying pan.

All of these chemicals however stop or block nutrient absorption in our gut or in our cellular system.  If you want to lose weight or drop a dress size, this will be a great field for you to do some reading in.

Many educators, myself included, run seminars on these anti-nutrients.

My seminar is Healthy weight lose without dieting.

Call me!  I may just have the answer you are looking for! 😀