Aug 142011

One of my pet peeves in Australia is that we do not do violence prevention here.

If there is one thing that medicine has taught us is that there is little point in trying to heal illness and disease by treating symptoms.  And while there may be a good reason to focus on symptoms if they are dangerous, their treatment does not cure the disease.  We cannot cure diabetes by giving insulin injections and we cannot cure cancer by surgery.

Alas, we have not taken this lesson into violence prevention.  Violence is but one form of aggression and it is most commonly acted out by males, in our society.  But it is a symptom of underlying issues.  Issues of training, socialisation, psychology, rejection, radicalisation, malnourishment and sometimes of food intolerance.

It is not possible to treat the criminal element of violence without addressing the underlying issues and expect to diminish violence.

We will simply force it underground, to fester and erupt somewhere else.

  One Response to “Violence prevention”

  1. Thank you Francis for recognising that violence is a sympton of unaddressed issues. Thank you for bringing to the worlds attention that this needs to be addressed….. Thank you for the work that you do.