Aug 302011

I recently read a headline which asked the question “Which diet and exercise plans work best?”

This sort of things drive me nuts!  There is a common marketing practise that brings ideas down to their dumbest level.

This question “Which diet plan works best?” is like asking whose fingerprints are your the same as?

Pointless and misleading as there is no answer!

Your body and genes and environment and social matrix all mean that you are as individual as a fingerprint.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE BEST DIET PLAN.

You are so unique that no person who has not studied you can help with this question.  Only you can learn about food and activity and apply it to your life.

Find a health professional who will point you in the right direction and start reading.  My first 2 recommendations would be to read Dr Igor Tabrizian’s “Visual textbook of nutritional medicine” and “Take control of your health” by Elaine Hollingsworth.