Oct 112011

Many people ask me about losing weight and what is the best way to lose weight.

Mostly my answer is that it is easy to lose weight but the trick is not to try to lose weight.

The secret to weight lose does not lie in dieting, although diet is important.
The secret to weight lose does not lie in exercise, although activity is important.

The secret lies in how you live. Overweight and obesity are symptoms of lifestyle.  There is no secret trick, no golden bullet.  Your weight is an accumulation of all the things that you do.

The things that contribute to your weight are

  • Food
  • Activity
  • Sleep
  • Water, (Hydration)
  • Social activities
  • Family rituals
  • Intentions
  • Goals
  • and your purpose.

All of these things add up to the symptoms of your life.

At Oasisliving we are a public health education business that teaches you what causes your life and trains you in how to manage those causes.

Areas of study in the 4 day workshop.

These areas can be studied at one at a time or during a comprehensive 4 day workshop.

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