Sep 102012

We, all of us wonder how well we would parent. In fact, this question causes many to walk away from the idea altogether. And many who are not parents think, of course I could do it better. But is this true?
My experience has been that the first thing that we do is to succumb to time pressures. We focus on work, the kids, money, dieting, exercise and family. And the stress builds.
But when we do this we start to forget the most important thing about being parents, ‘our children learn by example.’
Your behaviour needs to show your children that a balanced and enjoyable life is possible. They need to learn that “yes, there are hard times.” But after the hard times are over, your life can be enjoyable, can be fun and can be worthwhile.
Children who see there parents enjoying life, know, with no doubts, that their life can be enjoyable!
What example is your life setting for your children?

  2 Responses to “Parenting 101”

  1. Trust is the catalyst for a sustained family connection. Exemplifying and earning the trust of my family sets the standard by which honor, loyalty, trustworthiness, dignity, generosity, kindness, and humility will follow. Beginning with trust, we will teach the emotional success our children are designed to to reach.

  2. Set a good example of spelling.

    Seriously, I think we so often forget that our example is what is most important.

    I don’t have kids and don’t want to add to the parent guilt industry. My Parenting 101 would be:
    Support your kids in initiatives they want to take
    Let them know it is ok to feel and express all their emotions (without harming others)
    Help them think things through