Our Mission


Our Mission is to educate people regarding the differences between choices that encourage and support your Health and Well-being and choices that encourage and support the development of illness and disease.

We firmly believe that each person can choose a lifestyle that maximizes their experience of well-being and pleasure.

Many people misunderstand wellness as a new version of avoiding getting sick, but it is much more than that. Wellness is a way of seeing ourselves that bypasses a medical view.

I define wellness as a choice for personal responsibility for our own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It requires awareness of, and responsibility for controlling*** thoughts. Thus the primary education competency for wellness is the identification of the primary or sponsoring*** thought in any situation and its consequent outcome.

Our aim is to make medicine largely irrelevant in your life.

This is achieved by focusing on a positive knowledge based perspective of how your mind, body and spirit work when they are operating at their best.

A good way to explain this is to see your health like a bank account. You can have a credit account or an investment account. With the credit account you spend now, and try to pay off the debt and interest later. With the investment account you save now, earn interest and if any bills come in you pay them out of your positive balance. This way you end up with a very healthy account balance because you are less likely to become ill. The positive balance can be seen as wellness/wealth/health and the negative balance is illness/disease/sickness.

The focus becomes on teaching people how to have a positive health balance in all areas that affect their wellness. Information and education on being well become the basis for living. And small regular deposits or investments in your health manage your future.

*** Primary or sponsoring thoughts are the thoughts that are the foundation of any conscious thought that comes into your mind. These primary thoughts are usually unconscious and are based on passed experience. They are also usually negative. A good example of this would be; I need to go on a diet. Sounds simple enough but when we dig down a few steps we often find something like this

Why do I need to go on a diet?

“Because I need to loose weight”

Why do I need to loose weight?

“So I look better than I do now”

Why do I need to look better?

“So I will be more attractive”

Am I not attractive now?

“No I am fat and overweight”

When we dig into many of these types of thoughts we find that the underlying thought is negative and damaging to our self image. One of the fundamentals of Wellness is in choosing ‘not these negative thoughts’ and weeding our minds, so that we dwell in and live in a place that supports our positive self image.