At Oasis Living, our aim is to guide people toward the possibility of living a life with purpose and passion. We educate our clients and members about the fundamentals required for that life, and how to develop the physical, social, mental and spiritual health required to pursue that life.
Oasis Living enjoys a unique position in the health community through its ability to influence the health and well being of the community as event attendees. Through our workbooks, seminars, workshops, website, and membership site we provide detailed information to assist our clients and members to enhance their health and wellbeing and that of their family and community.
Oasis Living has a range of tools to follow the training that can assist you to further fulfill that education including:
My Books
A Mate’s Guide to the 4 pillars of health.
A Mate’s Guide to why diets do not work.
A Mate’s Guide to dealing with symptoms.
A mates guide is a response to the aggression and violence in the community that are the results of marginalization and poor education.
“A mate’s guide” is to assist people to move into well-being rather than moving away from the symptoms of illness and disease. We provide comprehensive training in the development and maintenance of well-being.
Who attends our training courses?
Men and women who are interested in a high level quality of life and responsibility from their partner. They are professional or semi-professional and spend their disposable income on ensuring quality of life and purpose. These people are aware of the growing divide between those who are maturing emotionally and in tune with their world and those who are trapped and unable to move forward. They are looking for an option that will allow them to make a contribution to society but are not sure of how that would work.
Who can support our programs?
To be a support or sponsor of the Oasis Living programs or presentation, your organisation must be primarily interested in the health and wellbeing of the community and the empowerment of individuals to participate in their own health and well being.
Oasis Living provides people with the education and tools to enhance their lives and those lives around them. There is also a component of violence and aggression reduction to some of the programs, and organisations interested in supporting those objectives are also able to be involved.
If you are interested in discussing your options for support, please send an email to Oasis Living describing your interest.
Thank you
The Oasis Living Team