Resilience and you.


Surviving the circumstances!  Meeting the challenges and thriving.

  • Do you find yourself struggling in circumstances that seem to not affect others as badly?
  • Does life get you down?
  • Would you like to thrive in the current economic environment?
  • Is the current financial crisis affecting you?

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Resilience is how well a person copes with stress and adversity.  While this may seem inherent, a number of strategies and tools can improve a persons mental and physical resilience.

Resilience training has been used in corporations for many years, but has mostly been out of the price range of most people.

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Francis McGrath

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Factors in development of resilience

  1. A Sense of purpose
  2. Clear concise goals
  3. A realistic set of plans to achieve your goals.
  4. A belief in ones ability to act on those plans.
  5. Skills in problem solving.
  6. Communication skills and tools.
  7. Tools and skills to manage strong emotions.
  8. Strong families; Rituals, traditions and celebrations.

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