Sleep and you!



Are you energetic and looking forward to the day when you bounce out of bed in the morning?  or are you one of those who need caffeine to get you going?

Is lack of sleep affecting your business?

Research into sleep in Australia shows a shocking rise in sleep issues over the last  years.  However most of what we now know about sleep has been discovered in the last 25 years.

Many employees, employers and business owners are finding that poor quality sleep and lack of sleep are having a profound affect on their ability to get ahead.

Many of us believe that we can catch up by working longer hours. Unfortunately being awake for 17 hours or longer is the equivalent of being at 0.05% alcohol; ie over the legal limit.  So a longer work day does not get the job done.  The average person can increase the efficiency by up to 10% just by getting more sleep.

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Issues affecting duration and quality of sleep are

  • Noise
  • Light levels in the bedroom.
  • Ventilation and cooling.
  • Pre-sleep environment